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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tequila Worms

Austin, TX: Pounding margaritas at around noon on this outdoor restaurant patio, these three larval harassers struggled to assert their "masculinity" in bragging to each other about their fake IDs.
Degenerating into piglike grunting while straining their scrawnyass necks to leer at a woman jogging by, they proceeded to loudly appraise the breast and ass size of other passers-by.
Yamaha hollered at the jogger somewhat sheepishly, while Napoleon Dynamite's trollish twin tried hard to outdo him before changing the subject back to his (undoubtedly huge) peepee.
They didn't appreciate our loud derision, and turned up the raunch factor with their gynecological expertise.

Drink up boys! Maybe your livers will do us all a favor and shut down.

Written by Jules & Wisteria